renewable energy

With its tropical climate and abundant sunshine, Thailand is a hotbed of solar activity and foreign investors are noticing. With the Thai government offering incentives to alternative energy producers such as feed-in tariff subsidies, issuing additional PPAs and shares in renewable energy outpacing the market, this is an excellent time to invest in an up and coming industry in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Reckendorfer Consulting is already involved in the installation of Photovoltaic (PV) rooftop solar panels and exploring expansion into larger scale solar parks. Thus, our consultancy firm is well aligned to support foreign companies wishing to set up a partnership and take advantage of a booming renewable energy market.

trading of raw materials from asian countries to europe

Southeast Asian countries are home to numerous raw materials and key ingredients for the production of food and consumer goods. Dr. Reckendorfer trades these raw goods from Asia, such as soap and noodles, with European manufacturers in various industries from cosmetics to common household products.

foundry & steel

Whether you wish to open a locally based branch of your company or form a partnership with a Thai company, Dr. Reckendorfer Consulting is available to provide support and knowledge for foreign foundry and steel companies looking to conduct business in Asia. Our consultancy firm has assisted a German client, who is now receiving support from Thai companies to establish a steel foundry based in Thailand.

mobile and telecommunications sector and data security

Mobile usage and service has permeated the Southeast Asian marketplace at a rapid rate. With an increasingly urban and tech savvy population, the mobile and telecommunications sector holds great potential and a promising future.

With Dr. Reckendorfer’s expertise and assistance, leading European mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and data security companies are well on their way to setting up operations in the rapidly growing Asian mobile and telecommunications market.